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MOVED. [18 Dec 2020|06:44pm]


Comment to be added there.

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a visit to the past... [25 Dec 2010|01:54pm]
came back to say...

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Friends Only. [08 Aug 2008|11:20pm]

Comments to be added.

-Real Life friends aren't allowed, sorry.
-Mutual interests.
-If I know you from somewhere, state.
-I'd probably add you no matter who you are. :)

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Icons. [08 Aug 2005|11:09pm]
Icons and resources: __sugaricons.
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Icons! :) [08 Aug 2005|10:48pm]
Resources are in my user info.

-If you take any, credit, please.
-Textless icons are not bases.

[26] Lost
[9] Harry Potter
[4] Mary-Kate and Ashley
[4] American Idols
[3] Lindsay Lohan
[2] Paris Hilton
[1] Kristin Kreuk
[1] Bridget Forrester of Bold and the Beautiful
[1] Dakota Fanning on CSI.

Tease, tease:
Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by

MorehereCollapse )
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